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This group of fishes is one that is, by and large, overlooked by most aquarists, and yet there are a fair number of them in the trade. Inhabiting both still and running water, large shoals can be seen near the surface. They are found in southeast Asia and the Indo-Australian archipelago. In the main they are insectivores, but will take flake foods. Give them a varied diet, especially if you are going to attempt to breed them, and include small live foods or frozen Daphnia and similar-sized items.

Rasboras can be divided into two groups by body shape; those which are long and slim, almost torpedo-shaped, and those which are deeper-bodied. White Cloud Mountain Minnow Red-tailed Rasbora Giant Scissortail Slender Rasbora Eye-spot Rasbora Brilliant Rasbora Elegant Rasbora Harlequin Rasbora Clown Rasbora Spotted Rasbora Red-striped Rasbora Scissortail Fire Rasbora Rasbora/Bibliography

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