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A list of key readings about R.E.M..
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  • Buckley D. (2002) R.E.M. Fiction. An Alternative Biography. Virgin Books. ISBN 1852279273
    • A solid biography overall; only existing book-length biography covering 1997-2002.
  • Gray, M. (1993) It Crawled From the South: an R.E.M. Companion. DaCapo Press. ISBN 0306805006
    • Both narrative and encyclopedic, a very detailed account of the band and its work, with a particular focus on its live performances up until 1991. See also the revised 1997 edition, which adds updated information and discusses the Monster Tour.
  • Sullivan, D. (1994) Talk About the Passion: R.E.M.: an Oral History. Underwood-Miller/Charles. F. Miller. ISBN 088733184X
    • A string of quotations from approximately twenty contributors, mostly Athens natives, who knew the band in the '80's; while somewhat marred by the solipsistic and sometimes jealous nature of the contributors, still a very worthwhile read; see also DaCapo Press's 1998 updated version.