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Project for National Security Reform

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A 2008 effort coordinated by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University, the Project for National Security Reform used an expert, nonpartisan panel to pose questions in the areas of U.S. national security policy:

  • new presidential directives or executive orders
  • a new national security act
  • amendments to Senate and House rules (e.g., intelligence oversight)
One theme certain to emerge is the need for improved collaboration on security matters - among nations; branches of the U.S. government; executive departments and agencies; and federal, state, and local entities. In this spirit, PNSR has a highly collaborative, fully transparent

effort underway. This report - presenting preliminary findings subject to further analysis and refinement - is an extension of that approach. PNSR seeks to use this report as a vehicle for soliciting input from the broadest possible audience.[1]