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Poznań is capital of the Wielkopolska region in western Poland. With population of 565,000 people, Poznań is one of Poland's biggest cities. It is also an important centre of trade, industry, culture and education.


Most recognized Poznań's attribute as an important trade centre is Poznań International Fair, organizing many annual trade fair events. Largest manufacturing plants include Hipolit Cegielski Poznań S.A. (engines, railroad cars) and Volkswagen's automobile factory. Kompania Piwowarska, one of two largest producers of beer in Poland is headquartered in Poznań, also owning a brewery in city. IT sector is experiencing a significant growth in last few years, recognized by such companies as Microsoft Corporation and Wikia Inc., which recently located their's resaearch centres in Poznań.


Poznań is home of Adam Mickiewicz University, one of the largest public universities in Poland. The Poznań University of Technology is important supplier of qualified specialists for IT industry.


Malta Theatre Festival and Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition are hosted in Poznań.


Lech Poznań football club is city's pride, as one of most respected and titled teams in polish league.