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Peter Gemma is an American political writer, identified with paleoconservatism and Patrick Buchanan. He is Treasurer and Board Member, American Conservative Defense Alliance, and a columnist with Middle American News; commentator for USA Today and for such publications as the Washington Examiner, Military History, Human Events,, and The Social Contract Quarterly

While he was a delegate to the 1992 Republican National Convention and platform committee, he has moved away from the U.S. Republican Party. He was a senior staff member of the Pat Buchanan 2000 Reform Party presidential campaign. The Southern Poverty Law Center, in the context of the Buchanan campaign, said he was a self-described "moderate extremist," with a variety of conservative groups.[1] He was executive director of the National Pro-Life Political Action Committee in the early 1980s, and a member of the Council for National Policy (CNP).

He wrote book reviews contrasting Frederick Taylor and David Irving's books on the bombing of Dresden for the Occidental Quarterly, [2] and on Buchanan's book State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America.[3] The Anti-Defamation League called this "a racist print publication that mimics the look and style of academic journals and has been in existence since 2001. In its own words, it hopes to "defend the racial group that created and sustains our civilization."" [4]

In 2006, hw edited the essays of paleoconservative Sam Francis' book, Shots Fired: Sam Francis on America's Culture War, which was introduced by Pat Buchanan. He has been a guest on the Political Cesspool.