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User:Dmitrii Kouznetsov/Optical errors

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Wrong image from the Russian textbool on optics [1]

Many scientific publications have errors. Usually, it takes long time, to discuss them. The researcher, after to find the error, writes the letter to the Authors. Often the authors disagree, and either ignore the indication, or write a non–appropriate reply. Then, the researcher who found the error, submits the "errarum" to the Journal; if accepted, the authors have to reply, and so on. However, the online discussion, moderated by the professionals, could be much more efficient. This article is to collect example of errors in Optics.

Analysis and synthesis of white light with two prisms

The concept about possibility of synthesis of light, expanded into a spectrum with a prizm, using just another similar prism, is pretty old. It refers to the time of the Soviet Union; and, perhaps, the soviet school textbook was not the first publication of the image, illustrating this concept. The image is reproduced in the uppest figure from the Russian textbook [1] that seems to reproduce some old Soviet edition.

Discussion of the errors of such images should be useful for students who plan to work in Science.


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