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Operation Nanook (1946)

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(PD) Photo: US Navy
USS Atule participating in Operation Nanook.
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Opeation Nanook was an American expedition to the Arctic.[1]


  1. Operation Nanook: Baby it’s cold outside!!, Ship's Log: USS Atule. Retrieved on 2010-09-22. “On 4 July 1946, Atule headed for the frozen north as a member of Operation “Nanook.” The purpose of this mission was to assist in the establishment of advanced weather stations in the Arctic regions and to aid in the planning and execution of more extensive naval operations in polar and sub-polar regions. In company with Norton Sound (AV-11), Whitewood (AN-63), Alcona (AK-157), Beltrami (AK-162), and USCG Northwind (WAG-282), Atule was to transport supplies and passengers, conduct reconnaissance of proposed weather station sites, train personnel, and collect data on Arctic conditions.” mirror