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A list of key readings about Norway.
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  • Archer, Clive (2005). Norway Outside The European Union: Norway and European Integration from 1994 to 2004. Routledge. ISBN 0415282799.  – Covers the relationship between the EU and Norway, and how the EEC influences Norway and the EU
  • Christensen, Reidar (ed.) (1964). Folktales of Norway. University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0226105105.  – Traditional Norwegian folktales. Includes an index of motifs, tale types, migratory legends, and places.
  • Danielsen, Rolf; Dyrvik, Ståle; Grønlie, Tore; Helle, Knut; Hovland, Edgar (1995). Norway: A History from the Vikings to Our Own Times. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press. ISBN 8200218031.  – A team of historians from the University of Bergen discuss the changing social, political, and economic structures of Norway
  • Sammingsen, Ingrid (1980). Norway to America, A History of Migration. University of Minnesota Press. ISBN 0816610002.  – Discusses Norwegian immigration to the United States from 1825 to 1980. Dr. Semmingsen was the founder of Norwegian research of migration to the U.S.