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A timeline (or several) relating to New Deal.

The Sequence of New Deal Legislation

(For an annotated list of New Deal measures, see the New Deal Addendum subpage [[1]])


March 4
Inauguration Day. Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes President of the United States.
March 5
The President proclaims four-day Bank Holiday with the suspension of banking transactions and gold and currency exports.
March 9
Hundred Days Congressional session begins.
Congress passes the Emergency Banking Act.
March 15
Congress passes the Economy Act
March 31
Congress passes the Reforestation Relief Act, (establishing the Civilian Conservation Corps).
April 19
The President announces US departure from the gold standard.
May 12
Congress passes the Emergency Farm Mortgage Act.
Congress passes the Federal Emergency Relief Act.
The President signs the Agricultural Adjustment Act.
May 18
Congress establishes the Tennessee Valley Authority.
May 27
Congress passes the Federal Securities Act.
June 6
Congress passes the National Employment System Act.
June 13
Congress passes the Home Owners Refinancing Act.
June 16
The end of the Hundred Days session.
Congress passes the National Industrial Recovery Act, (setting up the National Recovery Administration), the Farm Credit Act, and the Banking Act of 1933.
August 5
The President orders, the setting up of the National Labor Board .
November 8
The President orders the creation of the Civil Works Administration.


January 3
Congress passes the Gold Reserve Act
January 31
The President orders dollar/gold rate of $35/ounce
The President signs the Farm Mortgage Refinancing Act.
February 2
The President orders the setting up of the Import-Export Bank of Washington.
February 15
Congress passes the Civil Works Emergency Relief Administration.
February 23
Congress passes the Crop Loan Act.
April 7
Congress passes the Farm Relief Act.
April 21
Congress passes the Cotton Control Act.
June 6
Congress passes the Securities Exchange Act.
June 7
Congress passes the Corporate Bankruptcy Act.
June 12
Congress passes the Farm Mortgage Foreclosure Act and the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act.
June 19
Congress passes the Silver Purchase Act, and establishes the National Labor Relations Board (replacing the National Labor Board).
June 28
Congress passes the National Housing Act (establishing the Federal Housing Administration), the Tobacco Control Act, and the Federal Farm Bankruptcy Act.


April 8
Congress passes the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act.
May 1
The President establishes the Resettlement Administration.
May 11
The President establishes the Rural Electrification Administration.
May 27
The Supreme Court rules that the National Industrial Recovery Act is unconstitutional.
July 5
The President signs the National Labor Relations Act.
August 14
The President signs the Social Security Act.
August 23
Congress passes the revising Banking Act of 1935.
August 26
The President signs the Public Utilities Act.
August 30
Congress passes the Revenue Act.


January 6
The Supreme Court rules that the Agricultural Adjustment Act is unconstitutional.
March 20
The President appoints the Committee on Administrative Management.


February 16
The President signs the second Agricultural Adjustment Act