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(CC) Image: George Swan
Nanisivik, Nunavut, the future site of a base for Canadian patrol vessels.
(CC) Image: George Swan
The location of Nanisivik on Baffin Island.
(CC) Photo: Goosepolish
HMCS Goose Bay moored at the future site of the Nanisivik Naval Facility, during Operation Nanook, 2010.

Nanisivik is a settlement in Nunavut, Canada.

Nanisivik is an Inuktitut word meaning: "the place where people find things".

The settlement is located at 73N 084W, at the North end of Baffin Island, and lies close to the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage.

The Government of Canada plans to convert the port facilities of an abandoned mine into a naval base.[1][2] Currently patrol vessels have to go to Southern ports to refuel or for repairs.

Mine site

A lead-zinc mine operated in Nanisivik from 1974 to 2002.[3][4][5] A deep-water port was built, for shipping the ore to market.

When the mine closed, after a fall in world zinc prices, and the settlement was to be abandoned, there were plans to move equipment and building materials to the nearby community of Arctic Bay. But the mine had left the site so heavily contaminated the material could not be re-used.

Naval base

In 2006 Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper announced plans to build an Arctic deep-water port, to service Arctic patrol vessels.[1][2] In 2007 Harper announced that the naval base would be built on the site of the abandoned port facilities of the mine.

An engineering team spent time on the site assessing the need to clean up toxic waste from the mine, prior to construcing the naval base.[6] According to the CBC News construction is slated to begin 2010, and the port should be ready by 2015.

Nanisivik airport

An airport at Nanisivik is large enough to service jet aircraft.


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