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A list of key readings about Music perception.
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  • Bangert, M.; Peschel, T.; Schlaug, G.; Rotte, M.; Drescher, D.; Hinrichs, H.; Heinze, H.J.; Altenmüller, E. (2006). "Shared networks for auditory and motor processing in professional pianists: Evidence from fMRI conjunction". Neuroimage 30 (3): 917-926. DOI:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2005.10.044. Research Blogging.
  • Platel, H.; Price, C.; Baron, J.C.; Wise, R.; Lambert, J.; Frackowiak, R.S.; Lechevalier, B.; Eustache, F. (1997). "The structural components of music perception. A functional anatomical study". Brain 120 (2): 229-243. DOI:10.1093/brain/120.2.229. Research Blogging.