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A list of key readings about Morphometry.
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  • Wonderlick, J. (2008), "Reliability of MRI-derived cortical and subcortical morphometric measures: Effects of pulse sequence, voxel geometry, and parallel imaging", NeuroImage, DOI:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2008.10.037 [e]
Provides a reliability analysis of voxel-based MR morphometric data by comparing MR-based measures obtained from 11 healthy human volunteers, scanned twice (two weeks apart) with four different T1-weighted MP-RAGE pulse sequences.

"Reliability was extremely high for most measures and similar across imaging parameters. Significant measurement bias was observed, however, between MPR and all isotropic sequences for all cortical regions and some subcortical structures. These results suggest that these improvements in MRI acquisition technology do not compromise data reproducibility, but that consistency should be maintained in choosing imaging parameters for structural MRI studies."