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Moral responsibility/External Links

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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Moral responsibility.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.
  • Morality and the brain; an interview with neuroscientist David Eagleman by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton: David Eagleman (May 22, 2011). Morality and the brain. Published by philosophy bites, and the Institute of Philosophy. Retrieved on February, 2014. Culpability is the wrong focus upon misdeeds, and instead the focus should be upon recidivism. "The conscious mind is really the smallest bit of what is happening in the brain and most of the stuff just gets fed up to you as an intuition about what is right or wrong." (3:56) "It turns out that if free will exists, it's really a bit player in what's going on in the brain." (4:44) For comments, see this.