Monotypic Characins

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While this article is titled "Monotypic", it is actually about any characin that does not fit neatly into other categories

Other Characins

While the smaller species of the characin group (see tetra) are more commonly kept in the aquarium, the species listed in this article section, belonging to related family groups, have equally strong claims for aquarium consideration. Hatchetfishes (Gasteropelecidae), pencilfishes (Anostomidae), and piranhas (Serrasalmidae) are all equally interesting to keep.

  • Marbled Headstander
  • Striped Anostomus
  • Ternetz's Anostomus
  • Bloodfin (fish)
  • Big-scaled African Characin
  • Blind Cave fish
  • Black-winged Hatchetfish
  • Marbled Hatchetfish
  • Myer's Hatchetfish
  • Pink-tailed Chalceus
  • Spotted Headstander
  • Pacu
  • Red-spotted Copeina
  • Splashing Tetra
  • False Silver Tetra
  • Silver Distichodus
  • Longnosed Distichodus
  • Nobol's Distichodus
  • Six-Barred Distichodus
  • Gasteropelecus sternicla
  • Adonis
  • Black and Yellow Leporinus
  • Frederic's Leporinus
  • Eight-banded Leporinus
  • Lipstick Leproinus
  • Schreitmuller's Metynnis
  • Glass Tetra
  • Diamond Tetra
  • Silver Dollar (fish)
  • One-lined African Tetra
  • Golden Pencilfish
  • Red Pencilfish
  • Brown-tailed Pencilfish
  • Three-lined Pencilfish
  • One-lined Pencilfish
  • Silver Dollar Tetra
  • Glass Bloodfin
  • Dragon-finned Tetra
  • Beni Pyrrhulina
  • Filamentous Pyrrhulina
  • Pyrrhulina
  • Red-bellied Piranha
  • Penguin Fish
  • Thoracocharax stellatus
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