Manchester United Football Club

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Manchester United Football Club (popularly abbreviated as MUFC or Man U) is an association football (soccer) club based in Salford which competes in the English FA Premier League. It is amongst the richest clubs in the world, currently owned by American businessman Malcolm Glazer following his takeover in 2005.

Manchester United was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath Cricket & Football Club by employees of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. The club's name was changed in 1902 and, in 1910, it moved to its present venue at Old Trafford in Salford, which is adjacent to Manchester. The club has the same nickname as Salford RLFC: the Red Devils. Old Trafford is currently the second largest club stadium in Great Britain with a capacity of over 75,000.

Manchester United is the most successful club in English football, having won the European Cup three times and the English championship 19 times.

Current manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been in the job since 1986 and, in terms of trophies won, he is the most successful manager in British football.