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A list of key readings about Laurent Murawiec.
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  • Translated Clausewitz's On War into French (Perrin, 1999), as well as works by G. von Scharnhorst.
  • La Guerre au XXIè siècle (Odile Jacob, 2000) dealt with the "Revolution in Military Affairs."
  • L'Esprit des Nations: cultures et géopolitique, appeared in 2002 in Paris (Odile Jacob). It examines the historical and cultural identity of China, Japan, India, and Russia.
  • Saudi Arabia and the United States appeared in 2003 in France as La Guerre d'après (Albin Michel, Paris) Princes of Darkness: the Saudi Assault on the West (Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham MD, 2005).
  • Vulnerabilities in the Chinese Way of War,a study for the Department of Defense, was published in 2004 by Hudson Institute,
  • Aristotle in Cyberspace: Toward a Theory of Information Warfare,
  • The Mind of Jihad (2008), Cambridge University Press,investigating the theology, history and anthropology of modern jihad.