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A list of key readings about Karaites.
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  • Karaite Anthology (Leon Nemoy) ISBN 0-300-03929-8
  • Karaite Jews of Egypt (Mourad el-Kodsi) (1987)
  • Karaite Separatism in 19th Century Russia (Philip Miller)
  • An Introduction to Karaite Judaism (Yaron, et. al.) ISBN 0-9700775-4-8
  • Karaite Judaism and Historical Understanding (Fred Astren) ISBN 1-57003-518-0
  • Just for the record in the history of the Karaite Jews of Egypt in modern times (Mourad el-Kodsi) (2002)
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Historiography and Self-Image of Contemporary Karaites (Daniel J. Lasker) Dead Sea Discoveries, Nov 2002, Vol. 9 Issue 3, p281, 14p-294; DOI: 10.1163/156851702320917832; (AN 8688101)
  • Karaites of Christendom--Karaites of Islam (W.M. Brinner) from "The Islamic World: Essays in Honor of Bernard Lewis" Princeton University Press 1989
  • Heir to the Glimmering World (Cynthia Ozick) A fictional story about a historian of the Karaism.
  • A History of the Jews in Christian Spain (Yitzhak Baer) Vol 1
  • The Jews of Spain, A History of the Sephardic Experience (Jane S. Gerber)
  • 'The Written' as the Vocation of Conceiving Jewishly (John W McGinley) ISBN 059540488X
  • The History of the Jewish People: Volume II, the Early Middle Ages (Moses A. Shulvass)
  • “Remarks on Avraham Firkowicz and the Hebrew Mejelis 'Document'.” (Dan Shapira). Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 59:2 (2006): 131-180.
  • Karaite Judaism: Introduction to Karaite Studies. Edited by M.Polliack. Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2004.
  • Kizilov, Mikhail. “Faithful Unto Death: Language, Tradition, and the Disappearance of the East European Karaite Communities.” East European Jewish Affairs 36:1 (2006): 73-93.
  • Avraham Firkowicz in Istanbul (1830-1832). Paving the Way for Turkic Nationalism. (Shapira, Dan) .Ankara: KaraM, 2003.
  • Karaites through the Travelers’ Eyes. Ethnic History, Traditional Culture and Everyday Life of the Crimean Karaites According to Descriptions of the Travelers (Kizilov, Mikhail). New York: al-Qirqisani, 2003.