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A list of key readings about Journalism.
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Bibliography: American journalism

General: scholarly secondary sources

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Colonial Origins, Revolution, New Nation

Penny Press, Telegraph and Party Politics

Civil War

  • Andrews, J. Cutler. The North Reports the Civil War (1955), the definitive study
  • Andrews, J. Cutler. The South Reports the Civil War (1970) the definitive study
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Yellow Journalism & Muckrakers: 1890-1920

20th Century: 1920 - present

  • Diamond, Edwin. Behind the Times: Inside the New New York Times (1995)
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  • John J. Scanlon, The Passing of the Springfield Republican (1950) it folded after 1947 strike
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Media history

  • Briggs, Asa, and Peter Burke. A Social History of the Media: From Gutenberg to the Internet (2001) excerpt and text search
  • Rugh; William A. Arab Mass Media: Newspapers, Radio, and Television in Arab Politics Praeger, 2004
  • Schramm Wilbur, ed. Mass Communications (University of Illinois Press, 1960).

Radio and television journalism

see Broadcast Journalism

  • Bernhard, Nancy. U.S. Television News and Cold War Propaganda, 1947-1960 (2003) excerpt and text search
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