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A list of key readings about John Milton.
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  • Beer, Anna. Milton: Poet, Pamphleteer, and Patriot (2008), 458pp
  • Bradford. Richard. Critical Guide to John Milton (2001) 215pp online edition
  • Campbell, Gordon. "Milton, John (1608–1674)", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Sept 2004; online edition, Jan 2008
  • Flannagan, Roy C. John Milton: A Short Introduction (2002) excerpt and text search
  • Miner, Earl, and William Moeck, eds. Paradise Lost, 1668-1968: Three Centuries of Commentary (2004) 510pp online edition
  • Le Comte, Edward S. A Milton Dictionary (1961) online edition
  • Lewalski, Barbara. The Life of John Milton: A Critical Biography (2002), 790pp excerpt and text search
  • Lieb, Michael. Poetics of the Holy: A Reading of Paradise Lost (1981) online edition
  • Parker, William Riley. Milton: A Biography (2 vol 1968; 2nd ed of vol 1 revised by Gordon Campbell, 1996), 666pp, the foremost scholarly biography online edition
  • Wilson, A. N. A Life of John Milton (2nd ed. 2002)


  • Paradise Lost (Longman Annotated English Poets ed. by Alastair Fowler) 744 pages (1968; 2nd ed. 2006); the only recent edition to be based on the text of the first (1667) edition, now widely accepted to be closer to Milton's intention than that of 1674 excerpt and text search
  • The Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton (Modern Library, ed. by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich, and Stephen M. Fallon) (2007)
  • The Complete Poetry of John Milton (ed. by John T. Shawcross) (1971) excerpt and text search
  • The Poetical Works of John Milton - Vol. 1 ed. by Helen Darbishire; (2000) online edition
  • Complete Prose Works of John Milton Series online information from Yale University Press