James Randi

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James Randi (August 8, 1928) is a Canadian-born magician, escapologist and a skeptic of paranormal, supernatural and pseudoscientific claims whose stage name is The Amazing Randi and who was born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge. Randi has famously exposed a large variety of purported psychics, faith healers and supernaturalists including Peter Popoff and Uri Geller. He was also involved in investigating Jacques Benveniste's claims about homeopathy and the "memory of water". For many years, Randi offered a $1 million prize to whoever could demonstrate psychic or supernatural powers in a scientific test situation. Needless to say, the prize has never been successfully claimed. This skepticism has been the impetus for a number of books, including The Faith Healers, The Truth About Uri Geller and Flim-Flam!