Jack March

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Jack March was an American tennis professional of the mid-20th century about whom little is known today. He was best known for a number of years as being the promoter, from 1950 through 1964, of the indoor Cleveland tennis tournament for professionals known by various names but generally as the United States Professional Championship. It was widely considered to be the single most prestigious professional tournament during that period. But even here information is sometimes sketchy. Bud Collins says in Total Tennis, The Ultimate Tennis Encyclopedia, that its dates were "1955-1962" and that it was called the "World Pro Championships".

World Tennis magazine, in its November, 1964, issue said in its article "25 Years Ago" that in the fall of 1939 March was already a teaching professional at the Hollywood Beach Hotel in Florida. In Joe McCauley's book, The History of Professional Tennis, March is shown as playing in the U.S. Professional Championship from at least 1942 through 1950.

He is not to be confused with another professional tennis player of the same era, Sam Match.