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Idoxuridine, also called Iododeoxyridine and other names, is an antiviral drug that inhibits viral DNA synthesis. It is an analog of deoxyuridine (dU) and is similar to deoxythymidine (dT), which has a methyl group in place of the chlorine atom. In can be incorporated into viral DNA in place of dT, and disrupt viral DNA synthesis. Once incorporated into the DNA, it inhibits thymidilate phosphorylase and viral DNA polymerases, thus eliminating viral reproduction.

Synonyms and brand names


  • Iodoxuridine
  • Iododeoxyridine
  • Idoxuridinum
  • Idoxuridina
  • Idoxuridin
  • Idossuridina
  • IDU
  • 5IUDR
  • 5IDU
  • Allergan 201
  • Allergan 211
  • ID2
  • IDUR
  • IUDR

Brand Names

  • Antizona®
  • Dendrid®
  • Emanil®
  • Heratil®
  • Herpe-Gel®
  • Herpes-Gel®
  • Herpesil®
  • Herpid®
  • Herpidu®
  • Herplex®
  • Herplex Liquifilm®
  • Idexur®
  • Idoxene®
  • Idu Oculos®
  • Iducher®
  • Idulea®
  • Iduridin®
  • Iduviran®
  • Joddeoxiuridin®
  • Kerecid®
  • Ophthalmadine®
  • Spectanefran®
  • Stoxil®
  • Synmiol®
  • Virudox®

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