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History of Agriculture in the U.S./Bibliography

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A list of key readings about History of Agriculture in the U.S..
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  • Cochrane, Willard W. The Development of American Agriculture: A Historical Analysis (1993)
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Before 1775

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1775-1860: North

  • Bidwell, Percy and Falconer, John I. History of Agriculture in the Northern United States 1620-1860 (1941)

1775-1860: South

  • Craven, Avery Odelle. Soil exhaustion as a factor in the agricultural history of Virginia and Maryland, 1606-1860 (1926) online edition
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1860-present, national

  • Cyclopedia of American Agriculture: A Popular Survey of Agricultural Conditions, edited by L. H. Bailey, 4 vols. 1907-1909. online edition highly useful compendium
  • Brunner, Edmund de Schweinitz. Rural Social Trends (1933) online edition
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1860-present, regional studies

  • Cyclopedia of American agriculture; a popular survey of agricultural conditions, ed by L. H. Bailey, 4 vol 1907-1909. online edition highly useful compendium
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Environmental issues

  • Cunfer, Geoff. On the Great Plains: Agriculture and Environment. Texas A. & M. U. Pr., 2005. 240 pp.


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Primary Source Collections

  • Phillips, Ulrich B. ed. Plantation and Frontier Documents, 1649-1863; Illustrative of Industrial History in the Colonial and Antebellum South: Collected from MSS. and Other Rare Sources. 2 Volumes. (1909). online vol 1 and online vol 2
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