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Henry Stimson

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Henry L. Stimson (1867-1950) was an American lawyer, soldier, and Cabinet member. Personally a Republican, he served under Presidents of both parties.

Under President Theodore Roosevelt, he was United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He had joined the New York National Guard in 1898, and then was Secretary of War under President William Howard Taft (1911-1913).

In the First World War, he served in France as an artillery officer, rising to command the 31st Field Artillery Regiment.

Umder Calvin Coolidge, he was Governor General of the Philippines (1927-29) and served as Secretary of State under Herbert Hoover (1929-33).

Stimson left public office when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President, but later accepted a unity nomination for Secretary of War from Roosevelt.

Not having a good relationship with Harry S. Truman, he resigned on 21 September 1945.