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A list of key readings about Henry Brougham.
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  • Works by Henry Peter Brougham at Project Gutenberg
  • Bourne K (1975). The Blackmailing of the Chancellor. Lemon Tree Press. ISBN 0904291049. 
  • Henry Brougham (1838). Speeches of Henry Lord Brougham, Upon Questions Relating to Public Rights, Duties, and Interests: With Historical Introductions, and a Critical Dissertation Upon the Eloquence of the Ancients, Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 4 vol. (online: vol. 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Chester W New (1961).The life of Henry Brougham To 1830, Oxford at the Clarendon Press.
  • Ronald K Huch (1993) Henry, Lord Brougham The Later Years 1830-1868. The Edwin Mellen Press. isbn=088946460X