Henderson, Nevada

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Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada is located in the Mojave Desert and is a suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada. Henderson has a population of 256,445. The City of Henderson website states the population is 267,000. The city was incorporated on May 23, 1953.[1] [2]

City slogan

“Henderson-a Place to Call Home”


City council

  • Mayor Andy A. Hafen
  • Council Member Gerri Schroder
  • Council Member Debra March
  • John F. Marz
  • Sam Bateman

City staff

  • City Manager Jacob Snow
  • City Clerk Sabrina Mercadante
  • City Attorney Josh M. Reid
  • Chief of Police James White, Interim
  • Animal Control Facility Administrator Kathryn "Kathy" Baker
  • Fire Chief Steven R. Goble
  • Public Works Director Robert A. Murnane
  • Code Enforcement Neighborhood Relations Manager Barbara Geach
  • Parks and Recreation Director Mary Ellen Donner [3]


Henderson was known for its contributions to the World War II effort as the Basic Magnesium Plant supplied magnesium used for munitions and airplane parts.

In 1947, the Basic Magnesium Plant closed and Henderson's economy took a nosedive. In fact, the town was listed on the United States War Asset Administration as war surplus property. Governor Vail Pittman and the Nevada legislature authorized purchasing the magnesium plant in 1947. The Colorado River Commission of Nevada purchased the Basic Magnesium Plant preventing the plant from being sold as war surplus. [4]

Henderson was home to the Pacific Engineering Company Plant (PEPCON) that was destroyed in a May 4, 1988 explosion. The plant produced ammonium perchlorate used in rocket fuel. [5]


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