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This is a Citizendium help page
This help page is meant for help and guidance only. It can be edited by any Citizen and, whilst we try to ensure it is accurate, it may not fully represent current policy.
Further guidance can be found at the The Author Role page.

As an author, you collaboratively write encyclopedia articles and help supplement them with things like bibliographies and image galleries (see CZ:Subpages for the full list of supplements). If you join us, you will be part of a vibrant online community where you discuss with others the best way to craft article content, debate project policies and development, and sometimes even joke around. What is more, you can do all this with a mission in mind: to help create a quality encyclopedia that is free to the world (see Why Citizendium?). You will also have a role in governing the project - by electing the Citizendium Council and the [[CZ:Managing Editor|Managing Editor], as well as by proposing and voting on referenda.

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