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A list of key readings about Grover Cleveland.
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Secondary sources

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  • David T. Beito and Linda Royster Beito, "Gold Democrats and the Decline of Classical Liberalism, 1896-1900," Independent Review 4 (Spring 2000), 555-75. online edition
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  • Blodgett, Geoffrey. "Ethno-cultural Realities in Presidential Patronage: Grover Cleveland's Choices" New York History 2000 81(2): 189-210. ISSN 0146-437X when a German American leader called for fewer appointments of Irish Americans, Cleveland instead appointed more Germans
  • Blodgett, Geoffrey. "The Emergence of Grover Cleveland: a Fresh Appraisal" New York History 1992 73(2): 132-168. ISSN 0146-437X cover Cleveland to 1884
  • DeSantis, Vincent P. "Grover Cleveland: Another Look." Hayes Historical Journal 1980 3(1-2): 41-50. Issn: 0364-5924, argues his energy, honesty, and devotion to duty - much more than his actual accomplishments established his claim to greatness.
  • Dewey, Davis R. National Problems: 1880-1897 (1907), survey of era online edition
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  • Graff, Henry F. Grover Cleveland (2002), short overview.
  • Hirsch, Mark D. William C. Whitney, Modern Warwick (1948)
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  • Nevins, Allan. Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage (1932) Pulitzer prize biography in depth
  • Summers, Mark Wahlgren. Rum, Romanism & Rebellion: The Making of a President, 1884 (2000) campaign techniques and issues online edition
  • Welch, Richard E. Jr. The Presidencies of Grover Cleveland (1988) detailed overview of his administrations
  • Wilson, Woodrow, Mr. Cleveland as President Atlantic Monthly (March 1897): pp. 289-301 online Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912; he was a Bourbon Democrat when he wrote the favorable essay.

Primary sources

  • Cleveland, Grover. The Writings and Speeches of Grover Cleveland (1892) full text online at Google Books
  • Cleveland, Grover. Presidential Problems. (1904) online edition
  • Cleveland, Grover. Message about Hawaii. (1893).
  • Nevins, Allan ed. Letters of Grover Cleveland, 1850-1908 (1934)
  • Sturgis, Amy H. ed. Presidents from Hayes through McKinley, 1877-1901: Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary Documents (2003) online edition
  • William L. Wilson; The Cabinet Diary of William L. Wilson, 1896-1897 1957
  • National Democratic Committee (1896). Campaign Text-book of the National Democratic Party. 
    • This is the handbook of the Gold Democrats who strongly supported Cleveland and justified his policies, while opposing Bryan.