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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Groundwater.
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  • Aquifer [r]: A body of rocks or sediments capable of supplying groundwater at a useful rate. [e]
  • Aquitard [r]: Bedrock of low permeability adjacent to an aquifer, which may serve as a storage unit for groundwater, although it does not yield water readily. [e]
  • Geotechnical engineering [r]: The branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering of earth materials. [e]
  • Magnesium [r]: The metallic element that has atomic number 12 and belongs to alkaline earth metal group. [e]
  • Vitrification [r]: A process of converting a material into a glass-like amorphous solid that is free from any crystalline structure, either by the quick removal or addition of heat, or by mixing with an additive. [e]