Goulburn, New South Wales

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Goulburn is a historic city in New South Wales, Australia. It is located along the Sydney to Canberra corridor. Goulburn is self-referentially “Australia’s first inland city”.

Goulburn is noted for significant turn of the century architecture. The city has a population of 27,277 Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Visitors to the city are struck by the picturesque workers’ cottages at the northern entrance to the city, the exceptionally wide streets and striking municipal buildings. Among many, sites of architectural interest included the court house, the post office and Goulburn Cathedral, the seat of the Anglican diocese.

Goulburn is host to the Big Merino, a large cement tribute to the area’s pastoral heritage and the primacy of the wool industry.

Also of note is the Goulburn Correction Centre (“Goulburn Gaol”), an all-male maximum security prison which is the highest security level prison in Australia. The New South Wales Police Academy is also located in Goulburn.

Local government

Goulburn is the administrative centre of Goulburn Mulwaree Council, created in 2004. Despite widespread local resistance, the Mulwaree Shire and parts of Crookwell were forced to become part of the new, amalgamated council. The current mayor of Goulburn is Paul Stephenson.

Arts and attractions

  • Australian Blues Music Festival
  • Riversdale, a restored 1840 cottage
  • The Old Goulburn Brewery
  • The Big Marino
  • Rocky Hill War Memorial

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