Georges Island

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Georges Island in Halifax Harbour

Georges Island is a glacial drumlin and the largest island entirely within the harbour limits of Halifax harbour located in the Halifax Regional Municipality Nova Scotia. It was briefly renamed "Ile d'Enville". Georges Island is part of the "Halifax Defence Complex" park with Citadel Hill Fort Charlotte being restored by Parks Canada. For nearly two hundred years Georges Island was the scene of constant military activity. Tales of executions, forts and hidden tunnels surround the folklore associated with the mysterious island. Presently the public has no access and anyone wishing to visit must have permission from the Canadian Government. Besides Fort Charlotte , the Canadian Coast Guard operates a unmanned radar station 1977 and lighthouse 1876 . Georges Island is known to have lots of blueberries and black garter snakes. A book, "Georges Island: The Keep of Halifax Harbour," by Dianne Marshall[1] (ISBN 1-55109-475-4), details the history of the island

List of Lighthouse Keepers

1876-1920 Ross, Robert

1920-1946 Nolan, W.H.

1921 Ross, S.

1921 Ross, J.

1946 Bedgood, H.J.

1946 Edwards, E.J.

1946 -1964 Matthews,Victor Maynard

1964 -1972 Barkhouse, D.D.

After 1972 the lighthouse was automated


Snakes on Georges Island

Georges Island Park

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society