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Describing itself as not only "politically conservative, but it is more than that: it is also culturally conservative", a think tank focused "on the Culture War. Will America return to the culture that made it great, our traditional, Judeo-Christian, Western culture? Or will we continue the long slide into the cultural and moral decay of political correctness? If we do, America, once the greatest nation on earth, will become no less than a third world country."[1] It was founded by the late Paul Weyrich, after leaving the Heritage Foundation.

Another description of its ideology is "traditional conservative" or paleoconservative, which American conservatives use as a differentiator from neoconservatism.[2]

Projects and centers

  • Center for Law and Democracy "researches, and coordinates activities pertaining to, potential nominees and nomineesfor the Federal Judiciary."
  • Center for Conservative Governance "provides training and education to leaders in Washington and to the grassroots in how to govern effectively."
  • Center for Public Transportation "offers a re-balanced vision of the national transportation system in which rail and highway travel complement each other. The Center’s purpose is to generate support for public transportation, especially urban and intercity rail, while forging a non-partisan, non-ideological public consensus."
  • 'Center for Cultural Conservatism "researches, and from time to publishes and posts articles and also film about historical, political and ideological movements affecting contemporary thought, particularly the “Cultural Marxism” influences deriving from a school of thought originated in Frankfurt, Germany."
  • Center for a Balanced Future "is geared to providing public policy ideas which will enhance fiscal responsibility."

Funding: Received and distributed

It receives its major funding from the Scaife Family Foundations, which support a number of conservative causes. [3]

Among its grantees is Robert Spencer, an activist against Islam.