Floyd Henry Allport

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Floyd Henry Allport (* August 22, 1890 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; † October 15, 1978 in Los Altos, California (U.S. state), USA) was professor for social psychology and political psychology at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (in Syracuse, NY, USA) from 1924 bis 1956, and visiting professor at University of California, Berkeley. He is considered the founder of social psychology as a scientific discipline.

Floyd Henry Allport was the brother of Gordon Willard Allport.

Main works:

  • Social Psychology, ISBN 0-384-00890-9
  • Institutional Behavior: Essays toward a Re-interpreting of Contemporary Social Organization, ISBN 0-8371-2145-0
  • Theories of Perception and the Concept of Structure: A Review and Critical Analysis with an Introduction to a Dynamic, ISBN 0-7581-0489-8