Ernst Woermann

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Ernst Woermann (1888-1979) was a German diplomat, who served as Ministerial Director and Chief of the Law Department of the Reich Foreign Office (1938-1943). After Joachim von Ribbentrop's reorganization of 1943,[1] in which he was replaced by Erich Albrecht, he became German Ambassador to Nanking (1943-1945). Earlier in his career, he had been an expert on international law.

As a defendant in the Ministries Case (NMT), he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for planning aggressive war and atrocities against civilians.

The Holocaust

He was one of the two officials who received summarized Reinhard Heydrich's reports on Einsatzgruppen activity from Martin Luther (diplomat) and Franz Rademacher, and disseminated the informaton within the Foreign Office. [2]


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