Developmental biology

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Developmental biology [r]: The study of how cells grow and interact to form an organism. [e]

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(CC) Image: Chiori et al., 2009
A typical study in developmental biology, targeting several traits of interest across different stages of development within one or between several species. Here, the expression of several Hox genes (CheHox9-14A, CheHox9-14B and CheHox9-14C) was measured in the non-fertilised egg as well as the blastula, gastrula, planula and medusa (from left to right) of the hydroid Clytia hemisphaerica. Scale bars: E, J, O: 100 µm; A–D, F–I, K–N: 50 µm. Legends: g: gonad; m: manubrium; t: tentacle; tb: tentacle bulb.