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Defense Forum Foundation

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Conservatively oriented, the Defense Forum Foundation (DFF) was created during the Reagan Administration to present, to bipartisan Congressional staff, about the need to re-build America’s defense. Its founder was Chadwick Gore; J. William Middendorf became chair in 1988, and Suzanne Scholte, a member of the original board, became chair in 1989. Its focus has evolved to terrorism, China, North Korea, and Western Sahara.

North Korea

DFF is concerned with human rights in North Korea and has hosted over 57 defectors including North Korea's highest ranking defector, Hwang Jang-yop, Colonel Joo Hwal Choi, diplomats Ko Young Hwan, as well as survivors of the political prison camps Kang Chul Hwan and Ahn Hyok. Since 1998, it has been the US partner of the Seoul-based Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights and the Tokyo-based Society to Help Returnees to North Korea.