Curry (surname)

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Curry is an English language surname, one of many occupation-based last names in Britain and the British Isles.

Variants include Curry, Currie and Currier. In Ireland and Northern Ireland and Scotland, a person's religious affiliation can be often be inferred from the variant used, with Curry being the Roman Catholic spelling and Currie the Protestant, but this is by no means hard-and-fast.

The name derives from a person charged with caring for horses, particularly with respect to their grooming, and curry (tanner) a person who treats leather.

The verb to curry means "to groom", clean, tan (as in leather) or beat. To curry favour is to seek attention or advantage.


While the plural of the nouns (curry, a food, curry, a tanner, and curry, a groom, is “curries”, the plural of the surname is formed by adding a final 's' to the variant: The Currys or The Curries.