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Parent Topics

Social structure
Social organization



• Gerhart Hardin (1968) appealed both to the biological and sociological means of community in his argument establishing the tragedy of the commons.

Community of nations (Internationalism)




• A perspective in social philosophy usually counter-poised against liberal individualism and seeking to establish a legitimate place for community interests alongside individual rights.

Premodern leisure

• Affluent hunter-gatherer society; Marshall Sahlins (1966)
Sahlins pointed to large blocks of leisure available in hunter-gather societies as a form of pre-modern affluence.: • A term basic to community psychology.

Communitas (Victor Turner)
Community art
Community market

• Term sometimes used to describe what are also called farmer's markets, flea markets as well as, in a broader sense established central business districts (CBDs) serving local communities.

Community theater

• Local, usually amateur, theatrical efforts. Sometimes used as a measure of the vitality of local community.

Community radio

• A term with multiple meanings: (1) Radio for a specific (usually geographic) community; (2) a.k.a. Public radio. The limited broadcast range of FM radio signals makes all FM radio community radio in one sense.

Imagined Communities (Benedict Anderson)
Inoperative Community (Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, 1983)
Intentional community

• Term often used to include or encompass planned communities, newly founded communities and communities associated with social movements.

International community

• Usually seen as a community in which the participants are nations.

Local market
National community
Community informatics
Sense of community
Tragedy of the commons
Tragedy of the anticommons