Charles Stimson

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Charles "Cully" Stimson is Senior Legal Fellow, Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation. He came to the post after resigning from a George W. Bush Administration post in 2007 after criticizing lawyers that represented terrorism; Stimson apologized. He had been Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Detainee Affairs.[1]

In 2010, he signed a letter criticizing an attack, by Keep America Safe, on Justice Department attorneys that had represented terrorism suspects. [2]

As a Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia, he prosecuted violent crimes and domestic violence cases. Before that, he was a homicide prosecutor in Maryland, and a domestic violence prosecutor in San Diego.

He is a commander and Judge Advocate General (JAG) reservist in the U.S. Navy Reserve, serving as a military judge. In addition, he has had three active-duty assignments both as a military prosecutor and defense attorney, and deployed to East Africa in 2000 for Operation Natural Fire as the Force Judge Advocate, and deployed with Navy SEALS as the Joint Special Operations Command JAG in 2001. [3]


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