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Calvin Coolidge/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Calvin Coolidge.
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  • Buckley, Kerry W. "'A President for the "Great Silent Majority': Bruce Barton's Construction of Calvin Coolidge." New England Quarterly 2003 76(4): 593-626. Issn: 0028-4866 Fulltext: in Jstor
  • Felzenberg, Alvin S. "Calvin Coolidge and Race: His Record in Dealing with the Racial Tensions of the 1920s." New England Journal of History 1998 55(1): 83-96.
  • Ferrell, Robert H. The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge. U. Press of Kansas, 1998. 244 pp. The standard scholarly study.
  • Gilbert, Robert E. "Calvin Coolidge's Tragic Presidency: the Political Effects of Bereavement and Depression." Journal of American Studies 2005 39(1): 87-109. Issn: 0021-8758 Fulltext: in Cambridge and Swetswise
  • Gilbert, Robert E. The Tormented President: Calvin Coolidge, Death, and Clinical Depression. Praeger, 2003. 288pp
  • Greenberg, David. Calvin Coolidge (2006), short biography. excerpt and text search
  • Haynes, John Earl, ed. Calvin Coolidge and the Coolidge Era: Essays on the History of the 1920s. Library of Congress, 1998. 329 pp. essays by scholars
  • McCoy, Donald R. Calvin Coolidge: A Biography (1967), 447pp, the standard scholarly biography
  • William Allen White; A Puritan in Babylon: The Story of Calvin Coolidge, (1938) online edition

Primary sources

  • Calvin Coolidge. The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge (1929), not very revealing; online edition
  • Howard H. Quint and Robert H. Ferrell, eds. The Talkative President: The Off-The-Record Press Conferences of Calvin Coolidge, (1964), 276pp online edition