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To-do list

The following items are either done or need doing. Some may not have been done correctly:

  1. Create the email account that will be used to receive the election ballots.
  2. Create the election "user" on the wiki.
  3. Create and place the nominations and referenda proposal wiki pages. -note, no indication of positions open yet

# Have a sysop change the Sitenotice to indicate nominations and referenda proposals are open. # Once nominations close, place the election information on the election user's wiki page and have a sysop change the Sitenotice to indicate the election is in progress.

  1. Once voting completes, count the ballots and ask a sysop to change the Sitenotice so it no longer indicates an ongoing election.
  2. Provide the election results to the Management Council for audit.
  3. When the audit completes, update the election user's wiki page with the results