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The Wikiconverting List: Procedures

Note: this is the list of full procedures as submitted to the wikiconverter mailing list on Feb 22-24, edited for readability and updated on March 1.

These procedures will be subject to change as demand and volunteer availability changes, but at this stage should suffice to handle the workload. All input and discussion is welcome, and relevant conclusions found via mailing list discussion will also be updated on this page.

Please share all tips, issues, questions at the [|Wikiconverting Talk page]

CZ:Wiki-converting: List of volunteers, tracking page for submitted and completed articles

CZ:Wiki-converting/Procedures: This page.

CZ:Email us an article in word processor format: Page for authors to seek assistance to convert their word documents to MediaWiki format.

Admin Notes: Administering the Mailing List

  • As this address has been publicly released, we can expect a bit of spam being sent to the list.
  • Only wikiconversion volunteers need subscribe to the list; writers seeking assistance may email
  • Any messages sent from list subscribers (internal discussion, assistance requests, availability) will be accepted automatically.
  • Emails sent by non-subscribers will need to be approved by list administrators (as of Feb 24: task group co-coordinators Anthony.Sebastian and Louise Valmoria)
  • Legitimate requests will be forwarded through to the mailing list, all other emails (spam, etc.) discarded.
  • Currently this list is set to accept attachments as .rtf or .doc files only, and will accept relevant image files for addition to articles (.jpg, .gif, .png). Any other file format will also trigger a moderation request.


  • Author sends their article through to cz-wikiformat mailing list.

Article Acceptance

notes for list admins (and moderators when applicable)

  • List admins: all non-subscriber emails will be held pending approval. Legitimate emails will be allowed through to the list.
  • When the admin is approving legitimate emails to be sent through, update the wikiconverting page with a list of headers under the header 'submitted articles'. This will keep track of everything that has been accepted to the list.

Volunteers Selecting Articles

  • Accepted articles will come through to this list address (as well as any other updates / task group discussion). If you are subscribed to the digest you will not receive the attached files, but will see the headers and requests.
  • If you would like to work on a particular article please update the Wikiconverting tracking page with the article title under your name. Transfer the title from the 'Submitted Articles' area to your name on the Wikiconverting page. Volunteers will be able to check if an article is already being worked on by keeping track of the Wikiconverting page.
  • Please also email the author advising them that you are working on their article.

Keeping up to date

  • Keep an eye on the CZ:Wiki-converting page to see which articles are still awaiting formatting, or if someone is already

working on a submitted article.

  • Depending on demand regular summaries will be sent to the list advising of any articles still requiring markup.

Completing the task

  • Once you have finished formatting the article, please update the wiki, and email the author to advise them that the task is complete.
  • Wikiconverter uploads page to CZ as per normal process in creating a page.
  • In the 'summary' box at the bottom of the page, include a link to the original author's user page, i.e. 'content by [[User:Original Author]], wikiconverted by [[User:Wikiconverter Volunteer]]'.
  • Email original author the link the completed article and advise them that they can make minor edits if they are comfortable, or if they need to make major edits at some stage that they can use the wikiconversion service again.
  • Transfer the article from your name to the section '|Completed Articles'. The completed articles list will be archived regularly.
  • Note: if the original author would like to upload the article themselves so it appears in their contribution history, please send them the markup text with guidelines as to how to create a new page.

Edits or adjustments

  • If the author requires major adjustments that they need assistance with, they can email the wiki-converting list with their request and the name of the volunteer who first assisted them.
  • If you are available to work on it again, you will be allocated that article. If not, no worries! Just send an email (this discussion list can also be used for talking about the process, not just receiving articles!) and someone who does have the time to work on it can step in.