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Notice to all Citizens

The Management Council has called an Election. Please see the Nominations and Referenda proposals pages, which are now open.

Management Council election

Any Citizen in good standing is eligible to fill a Management Council seat. The elected officers will complete the terms of office of the members who vacate their particular seat as specified by the Management Council.

The Mangement Council seats to be filled by this election are those of:

Managing Editor election

Only Editors in good standing are eligible to fill the Managing Editor seat. According the following charter provision, the Management Council will select up to four candidates nominated by the community to stand for the Managing Editor office. The current Managing Editor is: Daniel Mietchen

How the votes will be counted for the Management Council and Managing Editor elections

Multi-seat plurality voting will be used, as per the decision of the Management Council.


Citizens may propose referenda for voting in the election. According to the Charter, referenda are proposed in one of two ways:

1. Any Citizen may petition either the Management Council or Editorial Council that contested rules or guidelines be submitted to a referendum. Either Council must have jurisdiction over the contested matter. Either Council may, by simple majority vote, submit the referendum to a vote of the citizenry at the next regular election.

2. A referendum may be initiated by a group of Citizens corresponding in size to 20 percent of the number of voters in the previous election. The Management Council must include a valid citizen-initiated referendum in the next regular election. Failure to do so will automatically pass the referendum which shall then become official policy and enforceable. This charter may not be amended by a failure of the Management Council to submit a referendum to a vote.

To view the referenda being proposed, see the referenda proposal text. To propose a referendum, follow the referenda proposal instructions.

As the last election had a valid poll of 28 voters, a referendum proposed under #2 above requires the support of six (6) Citizens in order to appear on the ballot. Rounded up to the next integer, this means the support of 6 Citizens.


The timetable for the elections is as follows:

  • Begin accepting nominations and referenda on May 13, 2012;
  • Stop accepting nominations and referenda at the end of June 3, 2012;
  • Have the ballot prepared by June 10, 2012;
  • Begin accepting ballots from eligible voters on June 10, 2012;
  • Stop accepting ballots at the end of June 17, 2012;

NB: All dates referred to above will be counted as starting at midnight UTC.