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Only the proposer of the referendum and Election Committee members may modify this page. Substantive modifications by the proposer after the referendum has been formally proposed here will invalidate the signatures of any current supporters, and require them to sign again. Comments should be placed on the Talk page.

This is a Citizen-Initiated referendum that does not modify the Charter. A majority of valid votes in favor will pass the referendum.

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Reform and Simplification of the Account Creation Process

This referendum charges the appropriate governing body that results from the July-August 2013 Election to reform and simplify the account creation process whereby new members join Citizendium.

Text of the referendum

  • This referendum charges the appropriate governing body to reform and simplify the Special:RequestAccount page by no later than December 01, 2013, under the following general guidelines:
    • 'Reform' in this case means to establish an effective methodology for verifying submitted applicant names as being their real names.
    • 'Simplify' in this case means to render the account request page user-friendly.
  • The page should be as user-friendly as possible, including narrative concision;
  • The page should specify that the applicant must use his or her real name, and that that name must be verified by Citizendium staff before the user's account can be created;
  • The applicant's real name may include a shortened form of the first names, including initials, if this is how the applicant is commonly known. Diacritic marks may also be left out, as long as the name is in the Roman script. The names should respect the Western order, e.g. family name last, unless the applicant is commonly known under another order.
  • The page should indicate what information the applicant must submit to enable Citizendium staff to verify the applicant's real name;
  • The verification process should be as foolproof as is practically possible.
  • The process should require all applicants to sign up as Authors first.