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Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft wordmark.png
Ownership type Public, NASDAQ:MSFT
Founded 1975, by Bill Gates
Headquarters Redmond , Washington
United States
Industry Computers
Product/Service Computer and Consumer Products

A brief overview of your interest group (be sure to put its name in bold in the first sentence) and the scope of the article goes here.[1]

The following list of sections should serve as a loose guideline for developing the body of your article. The works cited in references 2-5 are all fake; their purpose is to serve as a formatting model for your own citations.


This section should describe the interest group's founding and development. It would probably be a good idea to divide it into chronological subsections, for example:


This subsection should provide some historical context for the founding of your group, explain the motivations behind it, and describe the steps taken and challenges faced by its founders to get the ball rolling.[2]

Current objectives and activities

This section should discuss the group's current initiatives and tactics for influencing political outcomes (which may or may not be very different from its original goals and modus operandi).[3]

Organizational structure

This section should describe the group's organizational structure, including its principal leadership positions and their current incumbents.[4]


This section should recount the group's major achievements, including but not limited to legislative and/or legal victories.[5]

Public perception and controversies

In developing this final section, be especially careful about maintaining a neutral stance and tone. Your aim should be to document the public's perception of your group and/or any controversies in which it is or has been embroiled without weighing in with your own opinion about them.


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