CFAV Firebird

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Image:CFAV Firebird, a fireboat in Halifax.

The CFAV Firebird (YTR 561) is a Fire class fireboat in the Canadian Armed Forces Maritime Command. Firebird is based in CFB Halifax.[1] Her sister ship CFAV Firebrand (YTR 562) is based in CFB Esquimalt.

Her three water cannons can fire water, or fire suppressant foam from her two 250 gallon tanks.[1]

The Firebird suppressed a serious fire in HMCS Toronto's engine room in 2005.[1]

On 22 March 2001 a large container vessel, the Kitano, one day out of New York City, requested help fighting an onboard fire after it had gone to sea.[2] The Firebird proved insufficiently seaworthy to leave the protected waters of Halifax harbour to go to the Kitano's aid.

length 23.1 m
beam 6.4 m
draught 2.59 m
displacement 140 tonnes
stern 2 x 365 hp azimuthing Z-drives
bow 1 x hydraulic tunnel bow thruster
speed 11 knots (20.37 km/h)
water cannons 3 x manually-controlled 3" (7.6cm) monitors
fire pumps 2 x diesel-driven, 2500 gpm @ 150 psi each


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