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C.S. Lewis/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about C.S. Lewis.
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Works by Lewis

  • Spirits in Bondage, a volume of poetry and his first full length published work, published in 1919
  • Dymer, an epic narrative poem, in classic Greco-Roman style, published in 1926. Lewis’s poetry was written in classical style and not well received. This convinced him that poetry should not be a major focus.
  • The Pilgrim's Regress, 1933
  • The Allegory of Love, 1936. This original scholarship helped to establish Lewis’s reputation as a scholar of note.
  • Out of the silent Planet, 1938. (Space Trilogy)
  • The Screwtape Letters, 1942
  • Perelandra, 1943.[1] (Space Trilogy)
  • That hideous Strength, 1945. (Space Trilogy)
  • The great Divorce, 1946.
  • Prince Caspian, 1951. (Narnia Series)
  • Mere Christianity, 1952
  • The Silver Chair, 1953. (Narnia Series)
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, 1950. Probably his most famous work; the first novel in The Chronicles of Narnia series of children’s fantasy novels.
  • The Voyage of the Dawntreader, 1955. (Narnia Series)
  • The Magician's Nephew, 1955. (Narnia Series)
  • Surprised by Joy, 1955. Lewis' autobiography focused on his coming to believe in the Christian faith
  • The last Battle, 1956 (Narnia Series)
  • A Grief Observed. London: Faber and Faber, 1961.

Works by those who knew him

  • C.S. Lewis: a Biography, by Roger Lancelyn Green and Walter Hooper (1974)
  • Jack: C. S. Lewis and His Times, by George Sayer (1988)
  • Owen Barfield on C. S. Lewis"', by Owen Barfield (1989)
  • Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman & C. S. Lewis, by Douglas Gresham step-son of Lewis (1990)
  • Jack's Life: A Memory of C. S. Lewis, by Douglas Gresham (2005)
  • C.S. Lewis Companion and Guide: A Delightful Compendium of Information of the Life and Writing of the Twentieth-Century's Favorite Christian Writer, Walter Hooper ed.
  • We Remember C. S. Lewis: Essays and Memoirs, Graham David, ed. (2001)
  • The Christian World of C. S. Lewis, by Klyde S. Kilby, Wheaton College professor who corresponded with Lewis (1964)

Works by Lewis scholars

  • Tolkien and C. S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship, by Colin Duriez (2003)
  • The Narnian, by Alan Jacobs (2005)


  1. Therre is an operatic adaptation of this book, with libretto by David Marsh and music by Donald Swann.