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C.S. Forester

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C.S. Forester', is the best-known pseudonym of Cecil Louis Troughton Smith (1899-1996), who wrote many nautical works, some fictional and some not, some under his name and others under pseudonyms. The Horatio Hornblower series was the best-known written under that name, although he also wrote a series on the Peninsular War including The Gun. Other works, such as The African Queen, and the nonfiction Hunting the Bismarck were excellent books turned into memorable movies. The General was a bitter satire on the incompetence of the military leadership in the First World War. He also wrote screenplays.


Peninsular War

In the context of the Peninsular War, he wrote Death to the French (U.S. title Rifleman Dodd) and The Gun.

The African Queen

Bismarck (ship)