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Buddhist councils/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Buddhist councils.
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First Council

  • Jean Przyluski, Le Concile de Rājagṛha, Geuthner, Paris, 1926

Second Council

  • M. Hofinger, Etude sur le concile de Vaiśāli, Louvain, 1946

Mahāsāṅghika Council and Third Council

  • Bhikkhu Sujato in Buddhist Studies Review, volume 25, number 2, pages 210-31
  • J. J. Nattier & C. S. Prebish, "Mahāsaṅghika origins", History of Religions, 16 (1976-7), 237-72

Fourth Council

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Fifth Council

  • W. Bollée, "Some less well-known Burmese Pali texts", in Pratidanam (Kuiper Festschrift), Mouton, The Hague/Paris, 1968, pages 493-9
  • Maung Tsain, "Lokamarajin and the Fifth Great Council", Burma, 1 (4), 15-20
  • Erik Braun, The Birth of Insight: Meditation, Modern Buddhism, and the Burmese Monk Ledi Sayadaw, University of Chicago Press, 2013, pages 23-8
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Sixth Council

  • The Chattha Sangayana Souvenir Album, Union Buddha Sasana Council Press, Yegu, Rangoon [1956]
  • The Nation (Rangoon), May 21, 1956: page 1, columns 3 & 4; page 4, column 3
  • E. Michael Mendelson, Sangha and State in Burma, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, 1975, pages 270-95
  • D. E. Smith, Religion and Politics in Burma, Princeton, 1963, pages 157-165
  • Chris Clark, "The sixth Buddhist council: its purpose, presentation, and product", Journal of Burma Studies, volume 19, number 1, June 2015, pages 79-112: [3]
  • Sangayana Monthly Bulletin, an English-language periodical published in Burma in the run-up to the Council, reporting on plans and preparations: [4]