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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Biography.
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  • American Oriental Society [r]: Scholarly organization founded in 1842 devoted to the study of Asian languages, literature and culture. [e]
  • Charles Darwin [r]: (1809 – 1882) English natural scientist, most famous for proposing the theory of natural selection. [e]
  • Hero [r]: Someone who hazards his life in a noble cause [e]
  • James Clerk Maxwell [r]: (1831 – 1879) Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory and the statistical theory of gases. [e]
  • Jorge Luis Borges [r]: An Argentinean author best known for his Magical Realism short stories. [e]
  • Joseph Campbell [r]: Teacher, popular lecturer, and author, editor and translator of many books on mythology. [e]
  • Margaret Thatcher [r]: The first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, famous for her free market views and for successfully waging the Falklands War, frequently called the "Iron Lady". [e]
  • Schizophrenia [r]: A mental disorder characterized by impaired perception of the individual's environment. [e]
  • Theodor Lohmann [r]: A 19th century (1831-1905) German administrative lawyer, civil servant and social reformer, second in importance only to Otto von Bismarck in the formation of the German social insurance system. [e]